What training and or membership affiliations do you have that relates to your work?

To become a counsellor/therapist we must have SAQA Compliant training in Counselling and within our field of interest.  We can have various types of Diploma’s, degrees, honours in counselling, Masters & PHD studies.                                                                                                                                              Secondly a counsellor is obligated to belong to a professional body. Counsellors are divided according their line of duty and professional bodies they belong to. Counsellor/therapists can work under the following professional bodies:

  1. Health professional counsel (HPCSA)
  2. Non physiological counsellors work under the CCSA, NHA and ASCHP
  3. Pastoral counsellors work under the CPSC

Thirdly counsellors in private practice are obligated to have indemnity insurance.

Accordingly, the client has a responsibility to ensure that his/her counsellor/therapist are compliant to work in their scope of practise’s and that they are the correct counsellor/therapist for their needs.

I am currently registered with the following professional bodies:

  1. Association of supportive and Holistic Practitioners: Registered as A Holistic Counsellors HC2018/301
  2. Counsel for pastoral and Spiritual Counsellors: Registered as a Religious Professional – CPSC 2018-P0033
  3. Practise are registered with CIPRO Practise name: Pastor G Ministries PTY (LTD) 2018/617306/07 and is incorporated with Gawie J Le Roux PTY (LTD) 2013/231579/07

My involvement in counselling

I have done voluntary work at a church and is currently involved with voluntary counselling services at a Government hospital.  I also manage a small counselling practise from home where I currently focus on the following fields in counselling:

  1. Marriage Counselling
  2. Marriage preparation program
  3. Trauma Counselling including debriefing and grief counselling
  4. General counselling

Who are some of your customers and can you provide traceable references?

HospiVision at False Bay Hospital and previously PPC Church Lakeside and some work in my private practise.

Do you provide any guarantee of your workmanship and or services?

No counsellor/therapist can guarantee the outcome of therapy but I can promise that I will always work within my scope of practise.  I will always deal with clients in a professional manner and my client will always be regarded as a priority.  If not, the client does have a right to log a complaint or report me to the professional bodies I belong to.  I am insured with professional indemnity for professional misconduct.  Clients does have a right to ask to see the registration documents/scope of practice from the counsellor/therapist they want to consult with.


Communication and contacting me:

I do have a website with various information regarding my career and the services I offer, including  contact information of my practice.  Due to professional ethics I will not engage with any client on social media or accept friend requests.  Referrals from social media, websites offering counselling services etc. can be forwarded to and will be responded to as quickly as possible.  I will only accept appointment confirmations or cancellations on WhatsApp/Messenger.

The only exception I will make is where extreme emergencies are involved.